In the year of 2013, EINS was established who specialized in manufacturing of precision sheet metal parts. It was started by Mr. M.K. Chin with has more than three decades of experience in sheet metal industries. As the Managing Director of the company, he manages the company ensuring the machines are running in correct state and quality products are delivered to customers.

EINS owned modern machinery technology and fully-equipped machinery used in daily work activities which able to deliver quality and comprehensive metal product. Along with our long years of experiences in marketing and servicing in metal industries, we have achieved strong portfolios locally and also internationally. Our delivery of product on time allow us in building strong reputation and gained trust from customers.

Our mission is to work closely with each customers inorder toprovide quality services and catertheright products to our customers. EINS are well-known as the one-stop solutions from machines design, integration, consulting to parts supply. We use simple working frameworks to help customers in finding out their problems and issues they faced. Based on their needs, guidance are provided to ensure they are getting the right product, such as machine or parts. We build up prototypes and have constant review with customerwhen after all requirements are identified.Our production will start once designs are confirmed. We do also offer continuous support after delivery. And the above total solutions are the key which makes us different among our competitors.

Quality control is our priority commitment to our customers. It is performed on every stage of production. With the modernized computers and software, we ensure all production are produced with high quality and suits customers’ requirements. We owned multiple types of measurement equipment for quality assurance, which are ISO 9001:2008 certified. To achieve customer needs, we often analyze new measure techniques and ensure our employees are well-trained to use various types of measurement equipment.

Although equipment usage are different between production and quality assurance, but we share the same vision, which are “Produce high quality metal sheet” and “Provide an excellent service to customer”. Our visions have driven us to show our professionalism to our customers and gained their full trust in providing them the best foundation in their business.

Looking into the future, EINSwill continue its strategic transformationand we aimed to help our customers to solve their daily business needs.

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