EINS provide design services. We analyze and find out customer needs on their daily business. Based on requirement we design machines and build up prototypes. Every precision sheet metal parts products that we supply are based upon cutting edge technologies which unique in the sheet metal industry. As we ensure clients will experience the difference of the machines technologies that EINS provided.

Bending is a process of bending metals into shapes without breaking them. Our bending machines are capable to bend metal sheet into various shapes, such as V-shape, U-shape and etc. We have high precision machines which are able to bend metal up to three meters thick. EINS aimed to deliver the intelligent collaboration solutions that help to enhance customer experience, build loyalty, and increase profitability.

EINS offer a range of laser cutting services. Today, we offer a large scales of laser cutting machines to address the requirements of any applications. As such, our machines model of The BystronicByspeed 3015 is capable to produce output with minimal time, which it hit 169 m/min. Clean and smooth cut edge are produced by this machine. It can also able to cut complex and intricate profiles without damage.

Welding is the process of joining sheet metals. It is done by melting some metal to produce excessive heat affected zones onto the sheet metal surface. It allow the surface to cool slightly before continuing meting the next section of sheet metal. EINS provides several types of welding such as TIG, MIG, ARC, Spot Welding and Robotic Welding. No matter you are looking for any types of welding, our machines is designed to meet and achieve the optimum results.

Similar to welding, laser welding has the same functionality as conventional welding but it is a newer welding technology. Dislike conventional welding, it does not need metal filler to perform welding. Hence, it can produce finer and precision weld spots compare to conventional welding.

EINS offer the advanced all-in-one laser cutting services.Our tube laser cutting machine are able to cut metal with various shapes of round, square, rectangle and oval tubular. Our laser cutting machines all comes equipped with our trademark and grade-A features of cutting systems which can be configurable to produce innovative tubular product.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process using powder. Ingredients consume in powder coating are mixed and ground into powder form. The powder coat are sprayed on to metals.All of our products are ease to use in any environment by deployed the highest safety standards.

CNC Turret Punching is the process of punching sheet metals. Our punching machines are equipped with multiple punching tools of various size. Machines are CNC controlled, as the metal sheets are will automatically position by punching tools and are programmed to select correct tool. Alongside with our unique programmed, we also work with our customers to address their most critical challenges and develop practical solutions that deliver real impact.

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